Class Schedule for 2018-19 will be ready in July.  Register now online, or at studio July 23-27 ( 9am-3pm) or Open House /Final Registration Day August 10 ( 3-7pm).  Classes begin August 13, 2018. 



3-4 yr olds


Pre Ballet -

Pre Ballet- 

Pre Tumble- 


5-7 yr olds



Jazz/Hip Hop- 

Jazz/Hip Hop-

Ballet   -  



8-11 yr olds



Jazz/ Hip Hop- 

Ballet - 

Tap   - 


12- Teens




Hip Hop- 



Tap - 


TUITIONS 2018-19 :

1 Class pr week = $50 monthly

2 Classes pr week= $75 monthly 

3 Classes per week=$98 monthly

4 Classes per week= $118 monthly

5 Classes per week= $145 monthly

Unlimited Classes for 1 Student= $175 monthly

Unlimited Classes for 2 or more Students= $250 monthly  

Mini Dance Company= $90 monthly

Petite, Junior , Teen Company=$155 monthly  ( $165 with Hip Hop Crew)

Senior Company= $165 monthly ( $175 with Hip Hop Crew)

Hip Hop Crew Only = $75 monthly

Tuitions are due the first class of each month. ( cash or check)  Any tuition not paid by the 10th of the month incurs a $10 Late Fee.   Classes will cease for any student with unpaid tuition 1 month past due.  

If a student wishes to withdraw from classes, a 30 day written notice must be received at the studio in advance.  

No refunds are given for classes not attended. 

A $30 Fee will be charged for any returned checks. 

Tuitions are not based on the amount of classes per month. They are a yearly fee that has been broken down into monthly payments. 

Once registered, a student is enrolled for the entire school year August 2018-May 2019.